Ethos & Values

As a Nurture school we work hard to provide a calm, supportive and warm caring environment in which our children can flourish, so they can begin to achieve and be the very best that they can in all areas of their development. Underpinning what we do is value, respect and responsibility.

We offer the highly successful ‘Creative Curriculum’ to re-engage reluctant learners and to give them a more global perspective and respect for the diversity of modern life.

Our curriculum is highly creative and motivating for a wide range of children’s abilities and re-engages reluctant learners and strengthens the whole learning experience.

We set all our learning in the context of celebrating community cohesion and diversity to help our pupils develop into ‘global citizens’ for the future. All children at Oakfield House School are actively encouraged to become involved in our many charity events and help maintain our Eco ‘green’ principles by developing sustainable eco awareness. This ‘global’ perspective helps emphasise the positive changes that each child can make both towards themselves and their futures and how their actions have impact on others and the world. “You are never too young or too small in the world to start making a difference” (The Citizenship Foundation).

“We seek to make a difference by creating a high quality nurturing, caring and calm ‘child centred’ environment where children can grow and develop into confident and successful learners, celebrate diversity and become responsible global citizens of the future.”

We believe that within a nurturing environment, positively supporting children to make changes within their life can lead to making a big difference to their own future, their community and the world. Our children are encouraged to take personal responsibility for their own behaviour and act in a responsible way towards others.

Our curriculum encourages real progress in basic skills that are the foundation to all further achievement. Each child will have individual targets set for them that stretch and encourage academic development.

A positive culture within school emphasises children’s achievements and progress and rewards their efforts and change. Therefore, personal development and growth help build self esteem to produce confident independent learners for the future. Our school takes a proactive stance in working to promote greater community cohesion and celebrate diversity and enable our children to take their place in the world.

Our school is warm, supportive and friendly in our approach to working with our children. We have lots of opportunities to access the local community and encourage the children to go on lots of trips and visits to local amenities such as the theatre, cinema, bowling and nature walks. Once a year we have our week long residential trip to the Lake District where the children can go caving, climbing, canoeing, orienteering and a host of other outdoor pursuits are on offer for them to try.

In school all our food is all home cooked on the premises. So we serve wholesome and healthy food that is sourced locally and freshly cooked each day to provide a balanced and nutritious diet without artificial additions. There is always lots of variety to choose from and a daily vegetarian option is always available.