Referrals & Admissions

We offer a warm welcome to families and children thinking of a possible placement at Oakfield House School. Please feel free to arrange a visit to come and have a look around our school, meet the staff and discuss your individual needs.

We seek to always work collaboratively with parents and our local authority partners.

We aim to make any transition into our school as smooth and easy for your child as possible. Moving school can be a daunting experience for children and is often a time when families may also feel very anxious about any future moves. However, experience shows that if both the parents’ and the child’s individual concerns are taken seriously and all parties understand what actions are to be taken, then the transition to a new school should go well. We are always here if you wish to speak to us or discuss any concern you may have.

Referrals most often occur as children and families are pointed in the direction of Oakfield House School by their local authority, Parent Partnership, or other professional body. Occasionally a parent may self refer after looking around for a suitable school for their child. If everybody is in agreement that we can support the needs of the child; that we are an appropriate placement and we have a vacancy available, a place can be offered and we will begin our transition plans. We aim to respond to each child as an individual and offer a sensitive and responsive ‘child centred’ transition plan.


Admissions Enquiry

To enquire about a child attending our school please contact Loretta Muldoon, Admissions Manager at