Art Week at Oakfield House School

Last week, the whole of Oakfield House School took part in Art Week and each class learnt about different artists.

Willow Class learnt about Picasso. Maple class learnt about the graffiti artist, Banksy. Acorns and Sycamore class enjoyed learning about Kandinsky. Oaks Class learnt about Monet and Birch class completed work on the artist, Van Gogh.

Each class had different activities to complete throughout the week. The children completed research on the computers about their artist, looked at different facts and the children completed information sheets and timelines about their life. Some children created PowerPoints with facts or pieces of art work they liked.

The children then designed their own piece of artwork in the style of their artists and created either a painting or graffiti design. All the artwork looks brilliant and a fantastic week was had by all!