• Friday Option to Walling’s Ice Cream Shop

    Posted on 06.07.21 by Lesa Karaj

    Pupils at Oakfield House School work hard to earn points, and work to a high standard during the week in order to have an Option of their choice on Friday’s. This week…

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  • Forest School at Oakfield

    Posted on 24.06.21 by Lesa Karaj

    At Forest School, children are given opportunities to achieve and develop their confidence and self – esteem through hands on learning experiences in our newly developed Forest School area. Challenging and enjoyable…

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  • Oaks Class learn about Stone Age

    Posted on 19.05.21 by Lesa Karaj

    This term Oaks class have been learning about the stone age. As a class we had to design different tools. We had to work out what materials would work best to make…

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  • Anti Bullying Day at Oakfield

    Posted on 12.05.21 by Lesa Karaj

    Bullying has a long lasting effect on those who experience and witness it. Here at Oakfield House School, we believe that by channelling our collective power, through shared efforts and shared ambitions,…

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  • Fitness Fridays!

    Posted on 07.05.21 by Lesa Karaj

    Over the course of this half term some of our pupils have completed Fitness as part of their optional activity on a Friday. Activities that were completed included; Football Target shooting, Basketball…

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  • Hello from Steve Backshall

    Posted on 27.04.21 by Hannah Fellows

    As part of our aspirations work at Oakfield we have been reaching out to well-known individuals that work in careers which some of our children dream of working in and are inspirational…

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  • Pupil’s at Oakfield take up Drama!

    Posted on 31.03.21 by Lesa Karaj

    The pupils at Oakfield have loved taking part in a Drama class as part of their Friday options. The Drama class has consisted of a physical and vocal warm up, drama exercises…

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  • Non Technology Day at Oakfield

    Posted on 30.03.21 by Lesa Karaj

    As part of developing our learner’s resilience all classes were challenged to a ‘Technology Free’ day. This included them, and their teachers avoiding all use of technology, a resource we are all…

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  • Red Nose Day 2021

    Posted on 22.03.21 by Lesa Karaj

    OHS pupils and staff had a great time celebrating Red Nose Day 2021. Not only did we encourage fancy dress (in the style of superheroes), we also took part in the Comic…

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  • Science Week at Oakfield

    Posted on 15.03.21 by Lesa Karaj

    At Oakfield House School we have planned and delivered lessons that have been inspired by well-known scientists. All children have been encouraged to find out key facts about a scientist and participate…

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